An organization in development

At ECIT, we believe in differences. We believe that we all come with different backgrounds, and that we all can, in our own way, contribute to developing the culture of our organization. The diversity among our employees supports our competencies and knowledge that give our customers the edge they deserve.

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The best results occur when we challenge status quo

At ECIT, competencies and knowledge are paramount. We cherish the need to be open to contributing with different perspectives and cultural references, as variation in these helps to challenge the existing status quo.

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The key is commitment

At ECIT, we always work from a we-approach. When we ask our customers, the most common statement is: "You are a part of our company". We engage and get involved in developing our customers' business. We take responsibility and are an integral part of the rest of the organization.

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Our values as a guideline

We use our values to achieve our strategic goals. They act as a guide and are used in both big and small decisions. Together, we have identified the corporate culture we want to establish, and we have worked actively to implement the culture through workshops with employees and management groups.

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We maintain our integrity

Integrity is what makes us genuine and honest, and which helps us to constantly focus on quality in our services. Integrity also inspires us to show care for both our colleagues and our customers.

We are brave

Courage is what makes us do what is right, rather than what is pleasant. Courage inspires us to dare to be vulnerable, and we learn a lot once we face new challenges.

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We strive to communicate openly, clearly and distinctly

At ECIT, we strive to communicate openly, clearly and distinctly with each other, and challenge ourselves to say what we mean. The value inspires us to share knowledge and experiences and collaborate across areas of expertise.

We are entrepreneurial

The entrepreneurship in our organization contributes to the solid focus we have on innovation and development. We see the value of collaboration, both between employees in different departments, but also across our areas of expertise.


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