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When someone dies having left a will and their assets are more than £15,000 then a Grant of Probate is usually required. We can help you, if you have been appointed an Executor or if someone you know has died and you need advice or you need someone who can do all the necessary work and save you the worry.

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When someone dies without leaving a will

We will advise you in such instance as to who can be the Administrator – like Executors there can be up to 4 of these. As with Probate we will contact the asset holders, work out the value of the Estate at the date of death and prepare all the necessary forms as well the statement of truth.

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A Grant of Probate

A Grant of Probate authorises the Executor to deal with the assets of the person who has died, for example, by closing or transferring bank accounts or collecting in money due to the estate, like pension payments. This in turn allows the Executor to settle any liabilities, taxes and legal expenses and then ultimately to distribute the estate to the beneficiaries.

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Estate Administration

Estate administration can often be very complex, time-consuming and an added stress at a difficult time. At ECIT we prepare estate accounts setting out full details of the assets and liabilities and all payments and receipts. This gives the executors and beneficiaries a comprehensive record of the administration of the estate.

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At ECIT we are experts in estate administration.Therefore, you and your family will benefit from our wide-ranging knowledge of the taxation system, together with our experience of handling non-contentious probate matters.

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