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We take the tax worry out of moving your business to the UK.

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Access the UK marketplace
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Access the UK marketplace

When entering the UK market assistance from an experienced local partner is a great way for you to minimise potential risks and make sure you take advantage of all opportunities possible. With ECIT by your side in this process, you make sure that your path into the UK market will be based on the needs and wishes of your business – and our commitment for your success.

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Services we offer when entering the UK market

At ECIT we first and foremost make sure that your business is prepared for a new tax system. In addition, we offer consultancy of legal matters as well as assistance with administrative work.

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Your local partner

Entering a new market also requires an understanding of the current business landscape and the complexities of a different culture. As your local partner we help you make a strategy which takes into account all the important measures of running a business in the UK.

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Need help entering other markets?

Are you looking for help entering other markets than the UK? At ECIT we are a part of InterGest Worldwide, which is a network specialised in assisting international businesses during their formation and their business growth strategies. Therefore, we can find the right partner to help you establish and develop your business worldwide.

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