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When you outsource your payroll administration to ECIT, you are guaranteed secure, cost-effective and streamlined payroll processes. Let us help you today!

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5 reasons to oursource your payroll administration to ECIT

  • You are in direct contact with the specialists
  • You get a customized agreement with full transparency
  • You draw on knowledge and know-how from an organization with 2100 specialists
  • You get attention and presence as if we were a small local payroll
  • You relive the administrative time
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Payroll Administration

A Nordic solution
Assistance from specialists
Temporary assistance

A Nordic solution

With ECIT, you get a strong group behind you with professional competencies from 2,100 specialists across the Nordic region. We assist all types of companies with the correct handling of their payroll administration through a safe and flexible agreement.

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Among other things, we can help you with automation and adjustment of wage reconciliation as well as reimbursement and subsidy administration. Besides, we offer a general process optimization of your time and absence management.


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Assistance from specialists

We are specialists in the field, and we constantly make sure to stay up-to-date on current laws and regulations. Our workforce consists of dedicated and professional employees with years of experience.

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Temporary assistance

At ECIT, you can hire a payroll accountant based on your specific needs. Therefore, you have the choice to fully outsource your payroll administration or just have several tasks outsourced for a shorter period. Regardless of the reason, we are ready to help you.

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“It is essential for us to have a partner like ECIT, with in-depth knowledge of the various agreements.”

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