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Why choose ECIT?

  • We ensure that your company operates in compliance with rules and regulations
  • We will help you help you find the best opportunities for your business
  • Through the KYC system, we are making sure that your business operates in compliance with anti-money laundering legislation
  • We distribute, register, update, and renew LEI codes for organisations and businesses







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Know Your Customer

KYC refers to the process of getting to know your customers. The purpose is to combat financial crimes such as money laundering. Companies operating in the financial sector have specific requirements for customer knowledge. ECIT offers an effective process for establishing customer knowledge and identity benefical owners, so to ensure that you and your company comply with laws and regulations.

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An LEI code is necessary when a legal entity participates in transactions in financial markets. Examples include trading on stock markets, buying or selling securities, participating in initial public offerings, and trading bonds. We offer fast and secure registration of LEI codes – a simple and convenient way to obtain an LEI code for the legal entity you represent. We have fully automated the process.

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