Productivity and collaboration

Get more efficient with user-friendly and convenient solutions that are customized for your business. Moreover, let your employees collaborate online in real-time to ensure great customer service. ECIT helps you find the solution most applicable to your business, making it run more smoothly on an everyday basis.

A man and a woman employed at ECIT are laughing while collaborating on a tablet.
An engaged man employed at ECIT within accounting is talking in a meeting with a co-worker.

IT- security

If your computer died right now – how many files could you potentially lose? What if you are a victim of a cyber-attack, how much of your customers data would go missing? Let our security experts regain and maintain control over your IT Security!

A young man employed by ECIT is standing in front of an architectural building at Fornebu, Norway.

IT infrastructure and support

How often is your workflow disrupted by technology that is not working? Also, do you know if your systems can handle the ever-growing amounts of data processed through them?

Technology will sometimes break down– it is only human (made), you know. A stable IT operation system, where IT experts catch problems before they expand out of control, will help you stay alert and manage your workload. And, when the technology fails, our IT experts will get you up and running as quickly as possible.

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