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Iver Kund ECIT

A cost-effective solution

Our workforce consists of 2,100 specialists across borders with years of experience. Our competent accountants and bookkeepers always provide advice on how to make your business more efficient, optimized, and streamlined. 

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Outsourcing, partial outsourcing, or temporary assistance

Our solutions are tailored to be a precise fit regardless of your specific needs. Furthermore, you will get the expertise you need to improve and grow your business. The uniqueness of our services lies with our customised solutions and our highly transparent approach to our customers. 

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Get help from an accountant or bookkeeper

With an accountant or bookkeeper from ECIT, you can focus on developing and running your business while keeping financial costs to a minimum. ECIT is the ideal partner to help you manage your payroll administration and keep things in order. 

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Routine work

If you want help with routine work, ECIT can assist you and your employees with the implementation and guidance hereof. Our competent bookkeeping and accounting assistants are ready to take care of your manual tasks, debtor, creditor follow-up etc.

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Selection and implementation of systems

Among other things, we can assist you in changing your current financial management system and/or accounting system. Our competencies range widely and we draw on experience from 2,100 professionals.

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