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Why choose ECIT for document processing

  • We assist you with everything from archive scanning and invoice management to cloud storage
  • Through utilising machine learning and artificial intelligence, we ensure an accuracy rate of 99,8% when extracting data
  • We provide solutions that give easy overview of the entire bookkeeping process across all clients
  • We offer 1-click integration, regardless of the ERP system
  • With ECIT Sign, you get an efficient and user-friendly signing tool for the whole Nordic region







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More about our document processing

ECIT Digital

Advanced machine learning and quality assurance

With ECIT Digital, you can swiftly digitise any document without the need for manual data entry. Our systems effortlessly handle substantial document volumes through a powerful combination of advanced machine learning techniques and rigorous manual quality assurance processes. Whether you prefer human-in-the-loop validation or fully automated data extraction, our solutions consistently deliver a high level of quality.

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Elevate your document flow

Nordflow offers a platform designed with the assistance of a range of auditing firms and accountants to provide the absolute best solution for the industry. We handle all document types to ensure you have a streamlined process from start to finish. Gather your documents with us and elevate your flow to a new level. Regardless of the ERP system used by the client, we offer 1-click integration for easy and quick startup.

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Secure and user-friendly document signing

ECIT Sign is among the market's top solutions for document signing. It is a simple and user-friendly solution for document signing with the highest security standards based on EU guidelines. ECIT Sign provides easy signing in the "handwritten" style and secure signing with eID. The service is in use throughout Scandinavia and other selected countries.

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Scandic Hotels

“We have obtained a payroll system that future-proofs our payroll administration.”

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