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Protect your business data

Securing your data is crucial, as you prevent it from ending in the wrong hands. We work with the best systems on the market, and make sure to tailor a flexible and adaptable solution that suits your specific needs. 

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4 reasons to choose ECIT

1. You get an IT partner who takes their own medicine. 
2. You get a customized solution that suits your needs. 
3. You get IT security as part of business development. 
4. You get IT security on a subscription scheme that you can budget. 

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Get your IT systems monitored

Your operating system and the programs installed on devices have vulnerabilities that cybercriminals can exploit. We monitor your IT systems and test your employees' use of the systems, so you know where to invest to secure your company.

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Turn employees into
IT security experts

Through our courses in IT security, you and your employees are qualified to act safely in your IT systems, so you avoid exposing the company to unnecessary risks. We train you to take the right precautions.

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Do you want to outsource your entire IT function?

Do you want general sparring concerning your IT operations, and not just your IT security? With ECIT as your outsourcing partner you are guaranteed high reliability and more time to focus on core tasks.

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