An engaged man employed at ECIT within accounting is talking in a meeting with a co-worker.


Do you want to save time by automating your manual processes while being able to assemble all your reports and numbers from one system? Choose an up-to-date ERP system that summons all the information you need in order to make smart and strategic business decisions. Our consultants assist you with the set-up and adaptation of the system to your business.

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Invoice management

Getting your employees to deliver every receipt from expenses might feel like a fulltime job itself. Get a system that keeps track of all the changes for you, and additionally, supports your employees by making it easier for them to deliver the receipts with an integrated app?

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Four employees at ECIT within accounting, business solutions and IT are solving a customer’s needs in the hallway together.
A young woman employed at ECIT speaking on the phone outside at Fornebu, Norway.


Find and keep customers by having total control over your customers information. Use the system to ensure relevant follow-ups to the right customers, and get control over your sales and marketing activities, while giving professional service to your existing customers. Additionally, you save time by having your CRM system integrated with your ERP system!

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Application development

Are you looking for a specific functionality to support your business, or have you found one and would like to integrate it with the rest of your systems? Our experts can help you adapt an existing software to your systems or assist you in creating one that fits your business perfectly.

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A man and a woman employed at ECIT are laughing while collaborating on a tablet.
Engaged ECIT employees discussing in a meeting.


Would it not be great to have a website that works just as well on a phone as it does on a computer? What about a website that is possible for people with disabilities, like blindness, to read? Our web designers can create you a website that suits both your audience and your brand.

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