Scandic Hotels about Intect and ECIT: “We have obtained a payroll system that future-proofs our payroll administration.”

Scandic Hotels is a publicly traded hotel and restaurant chain, founded back in 1963. With over 280 hotels across the Nordic region and a total of 28 hotels in Denmark, Scandic Hotels is unquestionably the largest hotel chain in the Nordics. In the Danish department, the staff consists of over 2400 employees who, with the new agreement, will transition to having their payroll processed in Intect, ECITs own developed payroll system.

Facts about Scandic Hotels

  • Founded in 1963
  • Locations: +280 hotels across six countries
  • Industry: Hospitality
  • Number of Employees: 19,000

Embracing flexibility: A foundation of success

"When we made the final decision to bring payroll administration back in-house, it was with an awareness that we needed to find an agile payroll system that could provide us with a flexibility we hadn 't experienced in our previous solutions. Intect was appealing in this context because the system could be tailored to our specific needs, including flexible data import from our time registration system, Timeplan."

”It was important for us at Scandic Hotels to find a partner where outsourcing could be an option at a later stage. We have a strong and experienced in-house payroll team, but we are highly dependent on key individuals. Therefore, it is crucial that we are covered if one or more of them are unavailable. With Intect, there is a clear opportunity for ECIT to take over our payroll task in the future, making this solution essential for future-proofing our payroll administration.”

”Throughout the entire process, we have had good and secure communication with Intect. This has provided us with peace of mind because we have had direct contact with those who developed the system, while also being included in the process of setting it up for our company. In this way, we have gained a thorough understanding of the how it works, making us feel well-prepared to take over when it comes to payroll processing. Additionally, we have a positive impression of Intect 's support function, which we feel confident reaching out to in case of any challenges.”

- Gitte Møberg, SSC Manager at Scandic Hotels