Power: "We sought a partner, not merely a supplier, and we've discovered an incredibly outstanding one.”

Power: "We sought a partner, not merely a supplier, and we've discovered an incredibly outstanding one.”

Danish electronics company POWER needed a new partner to handle payroll for over 1000 employees in Denmark. With their rapid growth, they were looking for a partner with quality solutions and the right experience.

POWER is a Nordic company that sells electronics and white goods to both private customers and businesses across Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. In 2015, Power made its debut in the Danish market with an innovative omnichannel concept, which integrates online and physical stores. As pioneers, they introduced electronic price tags in stores, ensuring customers that prices are always updated in comparison to the website.

POWER opted for ECIT as their partner. Mads Stenger, COO at POWER, elaborates on why they decided to collaborate with ECIT and the significance of this partnership for a company like POWER.

Electronics across the Nordics

POWER made its debut in Denmark in 2015. Since then, it expanded with stores in Finland and initiated e-commerce operations in Sweden. By 2017, POWER had established its presence in Norway, covering the entire Nordic region. Presently, POWER boasts 200 stores and employs 4400 individuals across these four countries, with ongoing growth. Their overarching goal is to remain ahead of the curve. Recognising that thoughtful and efficient solutions are key, they prioritise keeping prices competitive while ensuring a superior shopping experience for customers.


  • Founded: 2015
  • Industry: Electronics
  • Location: Nordic region
  • Employees: 4400


High quality in all processes, excellent IT support, and scalability. These were some of the core elements crucial to POWER in the selection of a new partner - and thus framed the evaluation process. It was also advantageous that the new payroll system could be integrated with POWER's existing time and shift scheduling system.

"We've decided to outsource our payroll administration due to POWER's significant growth. This allows us to concentrate on our core competency – running our stores. We sought a payroll solution that can scale effectively and offers robust IT support. Through this collaboration, we've achieved streamlined processes and implemented a high-quality payroll system. Additionally, we benefit from exceptional daily guidance. I'm genuinely pleased with the outcome."- Mads Stenger (COO, POWER)

“From the outset, POWER and ECIT shared excellent chemistry. We've adopted a solution that aligns perfectly with the company's scale, ensuring scalability by adding resources as needed during growth phases. Our approach relies on automated processes and rigorous control mechanisms, effectively eliminating errors. Moreover, it's meticulously planned, extensively tested, and built on modern technology. These are the fundamental elements we employ in our payroll services for clients." - Martin Søgård Olsen (Sales Director, ECIT)

"The utmost crucial aspect of the collaboration with ECIT is the assurance that salaries will arrive punctually." - Mads Stenger (COO, POWER)

The people behind the systems

At the outset, POWER was introduced to the payroll team tasked with managing the multitude of pay slips. Despite the solution's reliance on automated processes, it's important to recognise the human element involved. Furthermore, the solution is built upon ECIT's proprietary payroll system, Intect, offering significant potential for synergy with payroll consultants and IT support.

"What sets ECIT apart is their payroll system. It's proven highly advantageous for us since everything operates in-house. Having IT and payroll competencies housed under one roof is unique and offers numerous benefits. Changes are swiftly and efficiently implemented when needed. One standout feature of ECIT's payroll system is their employee app, which provides explanations on topics like taxes. It's truly a fantastic feature. " - Mads Stenger (COO, POWER)

art of starting a collaboration successfully

"At the onset of any collaboration, we always introduce the current payroll team to ensure everyone is acquainted. This practice fosters smoother collaboration as faces are matched with names." - Martin Søgård Olsen (Sales Director, ECIT)

For a company like POWER, undergoing substantial growth in both store expansions and employee numbers, allocating additional time and resources to onboarding is crucial. This approach ensures that everyone begins on the right foot, laying the groundwork for a successful collaboration.

"What made our onboarding with ECIT truly exceptional was their understanding of our needs and their dedication to getting to know our team. It wasn't just about POWER as a company, but also about the individuals they would be collaborating with. This personalised approach has facilitated a seamless process, allowing us to adjust and progress at a pace that suits POWER." - Mads Stenger.