Since 2016, the partnership between Plantasjen and ECIT has evolved, and both have experienced significant growth.

Since 2016, the partnership between Plantasjen and ECIT has evolved, and both have experienced significant growth.

Plantasjen, established in 1986, currently employs 1,138 people (with an additional 1,000 during peak season) across 128 stores in Norway, Sweden, and Finland. They also operate a 24-hour online store.

At Plantasjen, you will find a wide range of plants, furniture, tools, and, let alone, inspiration.

We spoke with Espen Gylterud, Manager of Technology at Plantasjen, and Tom Kristiansen, a partner at ECIT, to understand why the collaboration between Plantasjen and ECIT began and how it continues to create value for both parties.

From firewalls to data backups

Back in 2016, when the initial contact between Espen Gylterud and Tom Kristiansen was established, it was based on Plantasjen’s need for a partner to manage their firewalls and network equipment.

“We partnered with ECIT based on my previous positive experience with them in another collaboration. I had confidence in their expertise, which we needed at Plantasjen. Initially, our partnership centred on managing our firewalls and network equipment. However, in 2018, we embarked on a transformative journey to transition to a cloud-based ERP solution. This solution now serves as the cornerstone for all our company transactions. This shift has been pivotal for us, as our BI and ERP solutions are integral to our data infrastructure."-Espen Gylterud, Technology Manager at Plantasjen.

Over the years, the partnership has evolved, with a greater emphasis on securing the company’s data within Microsoft 365.

“ECIT has prioritised establishing necessary security measures for Plantasjen, especially during the transition to the cloud. Today, we provide a combination of hardware and software services, managing both the wireless networks in Plantasjen’s stores and warehouses and provide secure backups for Microsoft 365—one within Plantasjen’s environment and one in ECIT’s environment. This ensures the best and most secure backup solution for Plantasjen’s data.” -Tom Kristiansen, ECIT.

A partner that exceeds expectations

In addition to the specific delivery described above, Plantasjen and ECIT agree that successful collaboration relies on strong relationships between people.

"At the end of the day, mindset is what defines a good partnership. I like to use the phrase ‘hire for attitude.’ Skills can be added easily, but mindset is harder to influence.”

"In our partnership with ECIT, every consultant we've engaged with has demonstrated responsibility, independence, and consistently embodied the right mindset and attitude. They consistently exceeded our expectations, making it natural to return to a collaborative partner who consistently overdelivers."– Espen Gylterud, Manager of Technology at Plantasjen.

According to Tom Kristiansen, strong relationships are equally crucial for ECIT. They form the foundation for a successful delivery.

“Our collaboration with Plantasjen is characterised by a deep mutual understanding. We maintain a positive and constructive dialogue that helps us gain deeper insights and understanding of their specific needs. Additionally, Plantasjen’s internal IT expertise has been a significant advantage. Espen knows what he wants, providing us with the best conditions for successful delivery.” – Tom Kristiansen, ECIT.

The future holds further development

Plantasjen and ECIT have reached an agreement that secures their ongoing partnership for many years to come. Given the progress both companies have already made, they share a mutual understanding and interest in continuing their journey together.