Geveko Markings about ECIT: “The strong international collaborative partner we were searching for.”

Geveko Markings is an international company headquartered in Denmark, with additional offices in 13 countries worldwide. Experiencing significant growth, Geveko Markings felt the need to optimise their processes and explore alternative solutions for routine tasks. Consequently, they decided to outsource their accounts payable function to ECIT – a collaborative partner with the capacity to handle a company of their size, featuring a complex finance function spanning across international borders.

Facts about Geveko Markings

  • Founded in 1924
  • Locations: 13 countries worldwide
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Number of Employees: 500+

A winning nearshoring strategy

“We chose ECIT because we were looking for a supplier present in the countries where we conduct business, and at the same time, could provide scalability. As a rapidly growing company, we sought a long-term solution. We have outsourced our accounts payable function as it is an essential part of our business.”

“We collaborate with ECIT in Denmark on setting up the outsourcing task, where it is ECIT 's nearshoring centre in Vilnius that manages the task. In connection with onboarding and the start of the collaboration, they sent a team leader to Denmark for a week. She spent the week understanding our processes and getting to know the business so that she could easily and quickly return and train her employees to initiate the task.”

“The best thing about collaborating with ECIT is that our routine operational tasks are always handled, and we have a dedicated contact person whom we can always reach out to. This individual understands our business, making it easier to address the challenges we face.”

- Katja Busk Larsen, Head of Group Finance, Geveko Marking