Financial calendar - Financial year 2023. Company announcement No. 121

Financial calendar for ECIT AS



- 14.03.2023 - Annual Report
- 28.03.2023 - Annual General Meeting
10.05.2023 - Quarterly Report - Q1

- 24.08.2023 - Half-yearly Report
- 09.11.2023 - Quarterly Report - Q3


The financial calendar lists the expected dates of publication of financial announcements in the 2023 financial year for ECIT.

About ECIT

ECIT was founded in 2013 and support a large customer base with accounting, payroll, and a broad range of IT services. ECIT has a well-proven model for acquisition and integration, ensuring proximity to customers and local entrepreneurship combined with the strength of a larger international group. ECIT has a proforma revenue (2021) of 2.6 billion NOK and +2,300 employees across 10 countries. M&A has been a key driver of the Company's growth and ECIT has completed more than 130 acquisitions since 2013.