Mandatory notification of Trade Primary Insiders. Company announcement No. 126

On January 18, PDMR Klaus Jensen transferred 275,000 warrants to Y-Not ApS, a company closely associated with PDMR Klaus Jensen, at a price of NOK 1.99 pr. warrant.

On January 18, PDMR Mikkel Walde transferred 140,000 warrants to Mikkel Walde Holding
ApS, a company closely associated with PDMR Mikkel Walde, at a price of NOK 1.99 pr.  warrant.

After the abovementioned transactions, the following PDMRs total number of shares (all  share classes), including the shares owned by their closely associated persons, are as follows:

Mikkel Walde                15,804,569 shares and 140,000 warrants
Klaus Jensen                  15,015,253 shares and 275,000 warrants

For description of “Warrants”, reference is made to Company announcement no. 90 
regarding incentive plan

About ECIT

ECIT was founded in 2013 and support a large customer base with accounting, payroll, and a broad range of IT services. ECIT has a well-proven model for acquisition and integration, ensuring proximity to customers and local entrepreneurship combined with the strength of a larger international group. ECIT has a proforma revenue (2021) of 2.6 billion NOK and +2,300 employees across 10 countries. M&A has been a key driver of the Company's growth and ECIT has completed more than 130 acquisitions since 2013.