Partner Regnskap AS has become a part of ECIT. Company announcement No. 47

Partner Regnskap is a highly professional accounting firm with a strong and long term relationship with customers and employees operating out of offices in ForusJørpeland and Årdal

“Partner Regnskap is a company operating within the same service areas and systems as many of the existing accounting companies in ECIT. Partner Regnskap will strengthen ECIT’s presence in the Stavanger area. We are pleased to welcome both customers and employees of Partner Regnskap to ECIT.” - Peter Lauring, CEO, ECIT. 

The acquisition is settled partly with cash and partly by issuing new shares in ECIT AS.  

In relation to the acquisition, the board of directors of ECIT AS has resolved to increase the Company's share capital by NOK 968,614 through issue of 968,614 B-shares.   

The ECIT-shares are valued at NOK 7.75851 per. share. The price corresponds to VWAP of ten (10) trading days before closing. Closing took place today, on 22 December 2021. 

The share capital will be increased from NOK 445,957,744 with NOK 968,614 to NOK 446,926,358. 

The distribution of shares will, after the capital increase, be as follows:    


  • Class A, 41,336,068 shares. 
  • Class B, 340,649,007 shares.   
  • Class C, 64,941,283 shares.   

About Partner Regnskap 

Partner Regnskap is a regional accounting firm operating out of the Stavanger area, and is active within all aspects of accounting and reporting across different industries.  

In addition to accounting, payroll and professional services Partner Regnskap also offers Software as a Service as a Visma certified Partner. 

The company has 28 competent employees and is managed by Bjørn Næss. Partner Regnskap had a 2020 revenue of appr. NOK 30 million.   


About ECIT     

ECIT was founded in 2013 and has its deliverables within accounting, payroll, and a range of IT services and software products delivered to a large customer base.  

ECIT had a Proforma 2020 revenue of NOK 2 billion and has more than 2100 employees across 9 countries.  

Acquisitions have been an important part of the company's growth since 2013.   

ECIT has a well-proven model for acquisition and business integration, ensuring proximity to customers and local entrepreneurship combined with the strength of a larger international group.