ECIT is a people’s business, and our employees are central to everything we do, with their dedication and talent as the Group's main assets.

ECIT is driven by its people-centric approach, recognising our employees as the cornerstone of the organisation. Their dedication and talent constitute the primary assets of the Group. Rooted in an entrepreneurial mindset, decentralised operations, and collaborative efforts across entities, our business model is designed to foster a safe workplace, ensure employee engagement, minimise turnover, and offer equal talent-based advancement opportunities for all.

Learning and development

Suitable and structured training and development are key to attracting and retaining skilled employees, and in ECIT, unlocking personal potential is a key focus area.

Through 2023 we have continued developing our internal training programs (’ECIT Academy’), including ECIT Leadership, ECIT Talent, ECIT Advisory, and ECIT Associate. At ECIT, we recognise that structured training and development are vital for attracting and retaining skilled employees.

ECIT Academy operates across countries and divisions and is a combination of courses and case-solving, including personal development plans in close cooperation with managers.

The Talent program is designed to develop skilled employees from all countries and divisions within our company. To be eligible for the program, employees must have worked in the company for more than a year and have demonstrated potential for growth and development.

The Leadership program is specifically constructed for managers with personnel responsibility, development responsibility, and first-line management roles across all divisions.

The Associate program is designed for our Finance & Accounting division for graduated accountants in Norway and Lithuania. The program consists of seven gatherings, with durations of four and three days, spread over a two-year period.

The Advisory program is specifically developed for our operational senior employees who possess some experience, good skills, and ambitious career goals.

Gender Equality

Within ECIT, the gender composition stands at 58% women and 42% men (59%/41%), with a total employee count of 2,602. Notably, in managerial roles, the representation of women aligns with the overall group, reflecting an increase of +4%points more females in managerial positions compared to 2022.

EES score

Embracing the core value of 'open communication,' ECIT's management transparently shares and discusses the employee engagement surveys result with employees. This proactive approach helps identify areas for enhancement and formulate effective strategies, contributing to the EES score of 84 compared to 83 last year.