Our values form the bedrock of desired behaviors within our organization and guide us towards achieving our mission. As time progresses, our aspiration is for these values to become an intrinsic part of our shared DNA, shaping the foundation of our corporate culture.

In the fall of 2019, ECIT conducted an extensive survey to assess the culture within the organization. The aim of this survey was to ascertain the values and culture that ECIT employees aspire to for the future. Following the survey, a series of workshops on culture were conducted with different management groups and employees.

In March 2020, the new values that will underpin our company culture were introduced: integrity, courage, open communication, and entrepreneurship. Familiarise yourself with these values by reading more about them below:


  • Authentic
  • Quality
  • Care

The value of integrity represents honesty, authenticity and being true to oneself. We emphasize quality in all services and are to be trusted.

Integrity also encourages us to truly care for one another and our clients. It plays a pivotal role in realising our strategy as we aspire to become a trusted business partner for our clients, offering high-quality services that reflect a sincere concern for their best interests.


  • Right Over Comfort
  • Vulnerability
  • Learn

Courage means choosing to do what is right over what feels comfortable. The value encourages us to approach our work with bravery and embrace vulnerability. By embracing courage, we are willing to take on new responsibilities, show up, and be authentically seen.

Because ECIT`s strategy entails engaging in novel tasks and fostering innovative collaboration, courage is key in reaching our goals. There is no innovation without vulnerability

Open Communication

  • Share
  • Speak Up
  • Clear

Open Communication is a value that fosters and enables honest and transparent interactions among us.

The significance of Open Communication as a value becomes even more pronounced in our pursuit of the ECIT vision, where Accounting and IT converge. It drives us to voice our thoughts and perspectives openly. We willingly share our insights, experiences, and collaborate seamlessly across different domains of expertise within ECIT.


  • Innovation & Development
  • Accountable
  • Together

Entrepreneurship is a strong part of the ECIT DNA, and this value serves as a catalyst for fostering innovation and advancement. It signifies supporting one another and recognising the importance of collaboration.

The value represents going the extra mile for our clients and our company, staying curious and always striving for excellence. The value plays an important role in the ECIT strategy as it pushes us towards organisational growth and taking an active role in developing and improving ECIT.