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ECIT offers the best price and high quality 

Focus on what you do best and outsource your finance and accounting to us. At ECIT, we combine local expertise and customer contact with intelligent automation that always ensure you the best price and the highest quality.

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5 reasons to outsource your finance function to ECIT 

1. You get an outsourcing partner who focuses on quality and uses the best digital software.
2. You get personal expertise and a local point of contact.
3. You get a cost-effective delivery.
4. You get help from specialists who master all subject areas.
5. You get a solution with a high level of automation on a secure platform.  

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The key is commitment 

At ECIT, we always work from a we-approach. When we ask our customers, the most common statement is: "You are a part of our company". We engage and get involved in developing our customers' business. We take responsibility and are an integral part of the rest of the organization.

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Continuous improvements 

At ECIT, we continuously work to optimize the services and solutions we offer our customers. We use a structured approach that aims to facilitate and motivate all employees to contribute innovatively.

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Intelligent automation  

With ECIT as your collaborative partner, you get the best of both worlds. You will have finance professionals who operate and optimize your finance function, and you get access to our experienced team of developers, who, based on their competencies, set up intelligent automation, resulting in a cost-effective solution. 

Assistance for a temporary period?

If you experience an expected or urgent need for assistance, you can get expertise from us. Together we discuss the scope of the task and find the optimal solution with the right employee matching your company – whether you want assistance remote or at your location.

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