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UiPath License reselling

Find a licensing scheme that meets your needs

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Automation Center of Excellence

We assist you on your automation journey

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We help reduce manual and repetitive tasks

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4 reasons to choose ECIT Veny

  • We work with any process, collaborating with any technology and system
  • You can reduce human errors, save time, eliminate waste, increase quality and employee well-being
  • We are your digital workforce
  • We offer predictability on prices and quality, with fixed prices each month and SLA on quality and performance

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Our services

Robot-as-a-Service (RaaS)
UiPath License Reselling
Automation Centre of Excellence

Fully managed automation solutions

Liberate your employees from manual, repetitive tasks with our fully managed automation solutions, customised to suit your unique processes. With our comprehensive RPA expertise, there's no need to develop internal competence. We handle the entire automation lifecycle on your behalf, from initial analysis and implementation to ongoing production support.

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Cutting-edge automation technology

Empower your experts with cutting-edge automation technology. As an official UiPath Partner, we provide discounted license rates, and our consultants assist you in determining the most advantageous licensing scheme tailored to your specific requirements.

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Embedding automation best practices

Just as a solid foundation is crucial when building a house, the same principle applies to embarking on an Automation Journey. With our team of experts, we can assist you in setting strategic goals, mapping out the path to achieve them, providing training and ongoing support to your employees, and embedding automation best practices throughout your organisation.

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