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Frequently Asked Questions

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a set of software applications that allow for automation of rule-based processes, wit implementation times much shorter than traditional software.

Robots can interact with other systems by a combination of emulating actions og human users (click, write, copy, send email etc.) and traditional programmatic methods (query a database, utilize API`s etc.).

This flexibility of acting like software or like a user allows RPA to achieve great results regardless of what systems are needer for the task at hand, making RPA the most widely applicable automation tool.

With our Robot-as-a-Service you get instant access to trained, professional consultants who will analyse your processes. You will also get experienced developers that will implement the automations for you, and production support personnel that will make sure that the robots deliver the desired outcomes on time, every time.

This will allow you to benefit from automation, without the need to incure heavy investments in infrastructure, licensing, hiring and retaining personnel to build and operate it long-term.

The golden rule for RPA is that a process must be rule-based to be automatable with RPA. There can be a lot of rules, and they can be complex, but they must exist or can be created (we can assist if needed). It also helps if the rules, and systems used, are stable over time.

The other side is that the automation must be worth doing. The base benefit is time saved, but there are a lot more qualitative benefits that might be harder to convert into direct monetary value (processing cycle time, employee satisfaction, error avoidance etc.).

Fortunately, with our fixed price running costs, in the end this is as simple as answering “Is having this automated worth X per month?”.

It is sufficient if you contact us with a single automation idea to start with. The more the merrier, of course. It would be great if the processes you want automated would have detailed documentation, but even it not we can create that for you from a shadowing session or a workshop.

Once the process is known and describes we’ll send you an implementation offer and with your green-light, will move to development. After Acceptance Tests, the automation will be moved to a production environment and will start delivering the outcomes for your organization.

There are three main pricing components within our Robot-as-a-Service:

  • 1 - Robot Environments – think of them as “robot desks”. Each allows for one robot to work for your /execute Automated Processes) up to 24/7. These ca be within our, or your infrastructure environment. Fixed monthly subscription.

  • 2 - Automated Processes – your automated and fully maintained process. One process can cover multiple tasks, as long as they are a logical chain of operations within the same area. Included maintenance covers everything that`s needed to deliver agreed scope of work as-as. Fixed monthly subscription.

  • 3 - Implementations – development work required to build the automations. Price fixed for each project individually.

For additional work orders where a fixed price does not fit the price is on an hourly basis.


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