OpusCapita and ECIT are revolutionising invoice data quality with an AI-driven solution, making invoice automation more efficient than ever before.

ECIT Digital AS is thrilled to announce its partnership with OpusCapita, aimed at revolutionising PDF data capture using cutting-edge AI technology. This collaboration enhances OpusCapita's e-invoice receiving services with unprecedented data accuracy, setting a new standard in the market.

According to OpusCapita, the implementation of ECIT's PDF data capture solution, which commenced in 2022 and reached full realisation in 2023, has already demonstrated immense value to customers. "With careful planning and highly successful implementation, the solution is delivering undeniable customer benefits today," remarks Jennie Klaesson, Product Manager at OpusCapita.

We're proud to offer OpusCapita's customers our advanced technology, ensuring top-tier data quality," says Rune Skåren, Managing Director & Partner at ECIT Digital. "Our AI-based process enables complete automation of the invoice processing workflow, positioned further upstream in the process, ensuring exceptionally high-quality data capture for both header and line levels," he elaborates.

Despite the growing adoption of e-invoicing, PDF invoices sent via email remain prevalent, particularly among SMEs. OpusCapita and ECIT acknowledge this reality and underscore the significance of catering to diverse invoicing needs while upholding stringent data quality standards.

Improving invoice data quality is crucial for efficient automation, and with ECIT's solution, OpusCapita customers have reported significant improvements. “Many customers have stated that the transition to the new solution has been extremely smooth and since migration they have not seen any errors they had to report as quality incident. It's heartwarming," remarks Klaesson from OpusCapita."Such positive feedback from customers not only validates the efforts invested in our partnership, but also serves as a source of motivation to persist in delivering exceptional services and solutions," Skåren further emphasizes.

OpusCapita and ECIT encourage companies to embrace modern solutions and move away from paper invoices and outdated digitisation methods. With their combined expertise, they offer a perfect solution for imperfect invoicing landscapes, providing high-quality data capture and versatile support for different languages within a future-proof cloud platform.

"We're thrilled to introduce this next generation of invoice receiving," says Klaesson. "As a reseller of this innovative combination, we're excited to empower businesses with efficient and reliable invoice automation solutions.," concludes Skåren.

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